Our Vision

Research shows that the legal profession is one of the most difficult professions to succeed in if you are diverse. The legal profession must step up to the challenges of recruiting, retaining and promoting diverse lawyers and very importantly, create a culture where inclusivity is the norm. We want to use our expertise as lawyers, thought leaders and game-changers to help create an inclusive environment where every lawyer can succeed regardless of their background.


Meet the Team


Dee Sekar


Diversity and inclusion is at the very heart of Global Law Focus. Having practised as a Corporate solicitor in London, Dee has spent the last 5 years as a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at Chambers and Partners and currently is a D&I specialist in the private sector.

Dee is also the iProbono Counsel Program Lead at award-winning NGO, iProbono which is a non-profit online network connecting civil society organisations and social businesses in need of legal assistance with lawyers and students who want to use their legal skills for the public good. The network’s global outreach enables people to engage in projects from around the world and allows organisations to source assistance across jurisdictions.

 Dee is dedicated towards furthering the advancement of diversity and creating inclusive environments to help the next generation of future lawyers succeed regardless of their background, nationality, gender or sexuality.

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